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Severance taxes are incurred when non-renewable natural resources are separated (or severed) from a taxing jurisdiction, and these taxes can affect several industries - such as the oil and gas, coal, mining, and timber industries. Our goal at SeveranceTax.com is to provide cost-effective tools to assist taxpayers in their compliance efforts specific to severance taxes, and we are presently focusing on taxation relevant to oil and gas producers by offering the following subscription-based content.

Subscription Content: Our subscription content is updated approximately every two weeks, and subscribers have access to the compliance monitoring and assistance tools listed immediately below (click on the thumbnails below to see descriptions of the features):

Texas Natural Gas Subscription Package - Designed to assist taxpayers in ensuring that the minimum amount of tax is paid on incentive wells and further assist taxpayers in clearing historical reporting errors. This subscription package includes the following features:


A live demonstration of these tools is available using example tax data for a hypothetical taxpayer so that our visitors can test the functionality and see the value offered - simply click the Login link near the top of the page and enter "demo" as the username and "demo" as the password. Pricing information for our subscription packages can be found by clicking on the "Purchase" tab above.

We are continuously adding content. Our number one goal is to help you stay on top of your severance tax compliance requirements in the most cost-effective manner, so please contact us for more details on how we can help you minimize your company’s overall cost of compliance!

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